A powerful payments stack that is engineered for growth

Stay one step ahead of your competitors when it comes to convenience and flexibility. We provide your customers the option of a more efficient way of subscribing to your business and making a payment.

Whether you have fixed amount recurring payments, a pay-as-you-go business or one-off payments, let your customers pay you on time, every time.

A payment solution built to suit your business needs

Recurring payments & subscriptions

Curlec’s online Direct Debit and recurring card payments works great for businesses that charge depending on how much a customer uses or buys.

Recurring instalments

Offer customers the flexibility of splitting an individual invoice into instalments. Seamless onboarding and instalment payments ensure businesses are paid faster.

One-off payments

Combine your recurring payment solution with Curlec’s one-off payment solution via FPX and card to maximise your business opportunities.

Create the best payment experience that is built to scale

Instant sign up & onboarding

Sign up and onboard your customers instantly for recurring or one-off payments using our simple, online eMandate form.

Optimise payment collection

We integrate with your billing software and automatically collect payments when they are due.

Automatic reconciliation

Simplify and accelerate how you reconcile transactions. Automatically sync Curlec with your accounting system or use Curlec to export transaction details.

Easily manage payments

From managing your recurring revenue to reporting analytics, you’ll have access to everything in the system at your fingertips.

Key features to handle any complexities

Group Payments

Bundle multiple payment references and invoices against a single transaction to save on bank fees.

Automated Scheduled Collections

Whether its monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly collections, automate your scheduled collections to give your customers the option to spread out their billings.

Smart Retries

Automatically retry any failed payments to further optimise your payment collection process.

Payment Pages & Links

Create customised payment pages and links to share with your customers - no code required.

Choose how you want to use Curlec

Curlec Dashboard

You can send payments anytime, anywhere and keep track of all your transactions in one single place. Create and manage customer’s payment plans using our simple online dashboard.

API Integration & Plugins

Integrate seamlessly into our API or pre-built plugins to manage all your mandates and transactions directly through your website or platform.

Protecting what matters most

Curlec is committed to protecting consumer credit card data in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Our alignment with this standard is reflected in the people, technologies and processes we employ.

We conduct regular vulnerability scans and testing of security systems and processes in accordance with the PCI DSS requirements for our business model. In addition, our PCI compliance is attested to annually by a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). Our most recent Attestation of Compliance (AOC) was issued by usd AG in October 2021.

Use Cases

Curlec for Education

Curlec's Direct Debit has successfully enabled Splashtastik to easily collect payments as well as automating the processes to overcome any involuntary churn and ensure that they maintain a long lasting relationship with their customers.

Curlec for Insurance

With 61% take up rate on Curlec's Direct Debit solution, AXA AFFIN Life Insurance is now able to offer customers a unique health ecosystem under the monthly eMedic solution using the customer's preferred online banking account.

Curlec for Cloud Accounting

Curlec’s Direct Debit solution enables Mahzan Sulaiman to let outstanding invoices be a thing of the past by streamlining and automating its processes, that not only syncs well within the company itself, but also with the client’s cloud accounting processes.

Curlec for Financial Services

Curlec worked closely with Funding Societies to implement a payment solution that not only helps to streamline the workflow, but also optimise their payments by expanding their business through a fast and simple online process.

Curlec for Property

Utilising Curlec’s data tracking and recurring payment reporting capabilities, RentGuard is now able to grow their business by offering property agents and landlords a completely automated solution for rental collection.

Curlec for Gyms

Taking away the admin work associated with payment collection, Union Strength’s partnership with Curlec has enabled the gym to see a 40% increase in their collection rates by incorporating flexible payment options to cater to different membership packages.

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